About our company

BAO FUNG EQUIPMENT SDN BHD is a company that specializes in various industrial machinery & equipment solutions for many years. We are broad experience to serve different industries such as manufacturers, semiconductors, constructions, logistics & transportation, electronics & engineering, etc.

It has always been our main mission to provide you with the best quality machinery at a reasonable price. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Why choose us

Expert machining

Whether it’s machining large complex parts from exotic alloys or simple production runs.

Fully equipped machine shop

Our machine shop is fully equipped with the personnel, software and machines.

Personalized services

Be it on production runs or single piece – we will be communicating and delivering an excellent service.

Quality work

From the pre-machining process to making sure the parts are to print and order requirements.

Part & service
Milling machine



Compactor roller